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Jesus Christ, Son of God Coloring Page

This simple attempt at a depiction of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is based loosely off of classical artistic depictions of the Same. The artist claims exclusive responsibility for this personal interpretation.

Jesus is depicted here with something of a sober yet warm countenance. Though harder to decipher in the smaller images, he does have a slight smile, the suggestion of peace and contentment.

While there are about as many interpretation as there are artists to what he must have looked like trying to give their very best efforts to depict his divine qualities, the actual physical depiction is truly of secondary significance. Thus the justification of a coloring page. What the coloring page has allowed me to do is to consider once again my own relationship with my Lord, and how I might better conform my own actions to be more in harmony with His teachings and desires for me.

Perhaps when sharing these pages with your children, you can take an opportunity to remind them of how much our Savior loves them, especially the little ones. One of the most profound Christian doctrines that I am aware of is the love that Christ has for little children and the means of salvation that he has prepared for them. We can confidently tell our children that Jesus is their Friend as he constantly has his arms of love wrapped tightly around them.

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